Colipa is the umbrella body in Europe that governs all cosmetic and product care products manufactured and later are on market.


Globally, people have used products that help better their quality of life. In particular, the use of cosmetics and personal care products has been well known for bettering our health, creating a positive impact on our image and overall looks and also generally boost our esteem. Moreover, there exists authorizes that work to ensure that the products on market are safe for use before they can be released to the consumers. One such body is the European Cosmetics Association-Colipa.

Colipa is the umbrella body in Europe that governs all cosmetic and product care products manufactured and later are on market. The body is not limited within boundaries, and as such, they govern are imports and export product in and out of Europe. Similarly, the association provides a working framework that each stakeholder in the cosmetic industry. Moreover, the association is the supreme body in the industry and everything is run under its discretion.


Considering the continued use of cosmetics and personal care in Europe, the need to have an association that controls the activities that encompass the cosmetics and personal care industry is important. Colipa is the European trade association for the cosmetic and personal care industry.

Having been formed over 50 years ago, the association has had its fair share of putting sanity in the cosmetics industry. The association has come up with guidelines that each stakeholder must conform to in order to run in the industry. For example, the association has developed an ingredient threshold requirement that every manufacturer must meet to be deemed as fit for human use. Additionally, it has provided for vital information which is placed on the label so as to give information about the product they use and establish its legality.

European Trade Association - Colipa


As a premier association, it has seen an organizational change since its inception. Primarily, Colipa leadership has seen seasonal changes in leadership. These leaders have lived their expectations which can be seen in their different advanced achievement over the years. Read more...

Europe is the largest cosmetic and personal care products and as such leadership has to be very visionary to enable the drive and thrive of the products in the market. Those appointed to the executive have propelled the association to achieve their vision and mission. Recently, new executives were appointed and just like their predecessors they have to ensure that they maintain the ranks the association has achieved or aim higher to improve the association. Read more...

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Like other organizations, Colipa has a hierarchical leadership. The executive is comprised of five officials who run it. It is further divided into departments which ensure day-to-day activities are carried out properly and efficiently. Each department, in turn, works toward realizing the primary vision and mission of the organization. Moreover, each department has it set targets that it should meet as to realize the bigger Colipa’s vision thanks to the strategic plan being implemented by the leadership. This vision is inspired by a big gambling company that promotes gonzos quest online.

In achieving its goal, Colipa cannot work alone. As such it has incorporated different legal and private investors to propel its mission to greater heights. For example, it must provide sample products to quality control authorities so as to certify quality standards. Additionally, Colipa engages legal entities to ensure products are safe for use. Other authorities governing the industry are ISO , Food and Drug Administration and the European Union (EU) Cosmetic regulation.