Colipa has been the voice of Europe’s EUR 58.1 billion cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery industry since 1962. As the industry’s European trade association Colipa’s membership consists of:
  • 16 active international companies
  • 27 active national associations
  • 4 supporting association members
  • 2 supporting corporate members
  • 3 correspondent members
Colipa represents the interests of more than 2000 companies ranging from major international cosmetics manufacturers to small family-run businesses operating in niche markets. Together, these employ more than 500,000 people within the European Union.
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Who we are

Colipa is the European trade association for cosmetic and personal care industry. Colipa represents the cosmetic industry at a national level where the association represents cosmetic and personal care manufacturers across Europe and beyond. The association represents a range number of innovative companies either directly or at national membership.
The need to have a product that is safe for the targeted group is important to both the producers and the consumers at large. Moreover, abiding by the set legislation in Europe requires that an umbrella body should be present to ensure quality. Individuals also like certified products that they feel safe when they use them. Over the last 50 years, Colipa has taken it on their shoulder it ensure consumers get the best product available on the market. During this period the organization has been the voice of cosmetic and personal care industry in Europe.
The association follows regulations set at the European level. As such the association in collaboration with other policymakers, it also makes sure that European regulation is as effective and appropriate as it could be. This makes our regulatory process understanding be not comparable to any other.

Who we serve

Any cosmetic and personal care user should be aware of the surrounding products how safe they are to them. As such Colipa takes proactive measures to ensure that every product on the market in Europe meets standards. Moreover, every user ranging from manufacturers to end of value chain consumers should understand the central role Colipa plays in the cosmetic industry.

Our role

The association ensures that the voice of the industry is heard in the EU legislative and policy arguments, and globally keeps the members informed of significant trends and developments relevant to the industry.


To ensure quality cosmetic and personal care products for consumers through innovative science. The primary goal of the association is to deliver a quality product on the market. This is done by the manufacturing of high-performance cosmetics and at the same time promotes innovation through research, improve efficiency, and remain relevant.



For a flourishing European Cosmetics and personal care industry.
Colipa thrives in its mandate to ensure that the products in the market are safe which in turn makes it flourish through an improved sale and maximizing profit. Making sure that industry gets the reputation it deserves is also in the visionary mind of its executives. Moreover, the association makes available different products which are safe for use and right for the industry.
As a member of the European trade association, both companies and associations help build the regulatory and policy picture under the jurisdiction of the association which the industry operates in. Moreover, the association provides guidelines associated with environmental issues that must be met for the safety of the products in the market.