For a long time the association, Colipa, has been the European trade association for the cosmetic and personal care umbrella in Europe that cover all dynamics in the cosmetic industry in Europe. As a regulatory measure, the association is mandated to ensure correct follow up of rules governing the cosmetic industry in Europe.
The Association recently changed its name to reflect its European roots and operational changes. This decision was taken by the association’s board and approved by members in the association. The change was necessitated by the operational and logistical changes at the association making the change appropriate. Moreover, the change was coincidental of the location changes of the association to a better location in Avenue Herrmann-Debroux the heart of business operations in Brussels.
As a means to accommodate the increased need of the association’s excellence, it has changed its name. Additionally, the cosmetic industry represents a third of the global market an employs up to 2 million workers and 17,000 scientists in research and development.
Moreover, the association established over five decades ago works with over 10 multinational companies, over 20 national associations and over 3,000 SMEs that ensures the industry provides European consumers with products that comply with EU regulation and safety standards.
The European cosmetic association additionally provides the necessary labeling guidelines which stipulate the required thresholds for specific personal care products. The association states specific requirements like, contents information, the origin of the product, the minimum date of durability which is important in the delivery of safe products to the consumers.
The association continually relies on innovations that enhance quality and efficiency. The association invests on an annual budget of over 1.27 billion Euros to provide safe, sustainable and innovative products. Moreover, this effort does not pass the glance of the consumer. In particular, study approves that the consumer must provide unnoticeable effort by the customer. The association further provides for 86% efficiency o products and 87% on quality. Moreover, financial considerations take account for 68% of cosmetic and personal considerations in Europe.